4 Trends Impacting Cloud Adoption

This analysis from Gartner studies 4 trends that will shape cloud adoption first identified in 2020: cost efficiency, multi-cloud vendor flexibility, the impact of cloud IaaS skills on migrations, and advances in service availability made possible by distributed clouds.

The first, cloud efficiency, is mostly about cloud optimization. That is, cloud users must examine their usage and optimize. AWS is making it easier with reports and recommendations, but, ultimately, the customer must make the choice given the data. For example, for this website, johnkrull.org, it made sense to switch to a 3-year reserved instance rather than sticking with on-demand pricing saving 50-75%.

Multicloud is a strategy that enables the cloud customer to use the best cloud for their purpose and to not force lock in to one vendor. I think that it’s best to choose best in-class vendors while not simply chosing based on familiarity. Also, choosing technologies that have the postential  to easily port to other clouds is another way to approach multicloud. For instance, runing Microsoft Windows or Linux workloads lets you easily run on any cloud
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