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The Center for College and Career Success launches

The Center for College and Career Success launches to share our work with 21st Century Skills & Deeper Learning. I’m excited about how e will scale our tools, processes, and best practices for ensuring college success at a large scale. See

Pearson features Metropolitan Arts and Technology

Pearson’s Partnership for 21st Century Schools features Metropolitan Arts and Technology High School where students use project based learning and technology to engage with the curriculum by actively constructing a final product. In this sample, Justin Wells’ class makes political ads as a culmination of a project that demonstrates deep learning in Political Science.

“Deeper Learning” Strategy

A City Arts & Technology High School student was featured in when the Hewlett Foundation launched their “Deeper Learning” strategy. They describe it as: This approach embraces a series of skills that enable students to go beyond basic skills and support their mastery of core academic content through thinking critically, solving complex problems, working collaboratively, communicating …

SF Chronicle Features Envision Schools

Envision Schools is featured in an SF Chronicle article that highlights the teaching of 21st Century Skills using group work, project based learning, and technology. Nothing, though, is as important as the effort and skills of the teachers to set the stage for learning.

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