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John has been CIO/CTO at Seattle Public Schools, Oakland Unified School District, and Fremont Unified School District. . Previously, Mr. Krull was Vice President of Technology at the Charter Management Organization (CMO) Envision Schools that runs four high schools in the Bay Area. He prides himself that he has a strong technical background along with a deep understanding of the field of Education. He earned both his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Washington in Seattle. His earlier professional background includes: Autonomy, Sr. Director Application Services, IT, and Training; Microsoft Corporation, Systems Engineer Manager; Shoreline Schools, Teacher, Technology Coordinator; Seattle Pacific University, Adjunct Instructor.

Pearson features Metropolitan Arts and Technology

Pearson’s Partnership for 21st Century Schools features Metropolitan Arts and Technology High School where students use project based learning and technology to engage with the curriculum by actively constructing a final product. In this sample, Justin Wells’ class makes political ads as a culmination of a project that demonstrates deep learning in Political Science.

Will the iPad Revolutionize Learning or Will the Infrastructure?

This Edutopia post gets a conversation going about whether the iPad and similar technology will revolutionize learning stating: I think this technology will revolutionize the way a student will access all types of information: media, academic research, and books (non-fiction, fiction, and textbooks). In addition, students can produce digital work, blog, chat, and email …

“Deeper Learning” Strategy

A City Arts & Technology High School student was featured in when the Hewlett Foundation launched their “Deeper Learning” strategy. They describe it as: This approach embraces a series of skills that enable students to go beyond basic skills and support their mastery of core academic content through thinking critically, solving complex problems, working collaboratively, communicating …

Give Prezi a Try…

I’m going to do my next preso with Prezi.   TechCrunch says, “Coolest online presentation tool I have ever seen”

Got an iPad

Got up at the crack of dawn to get the iPad on the first day. I’m excited about the potential.

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