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John has been CIO/CTO at Seattle Public Schools, Oakland Unified School District, and Fremont Unified School District. . Previously, Mr. Krull was Vice President of Technology at the Charter Management Organization (CMO) Envision Schools that runs four high schools in the Bay Area. He prides himself that he has a strong technical background along with a deep understanding of the field of Education. He earned both his Bachelors and Masters degrees from the University of Washington in Seattle. His earlier professional background includes: Autonomy, Sr. Director Application Services, IT, and Training; Microsoft Corporation, Systems Engineer Manager; Shoreline Schools, Teacher, Technology Coordinator; Seattle Pacific University, Adjunct Instructor.

Web+Center manages tech reservations

We use the Reservation+Center at each school to manage all our technology inventory and check-outs. Being Arts & Technology High Schools, we have a lot of computer carts and media equipment that need to be moved around the schools and having an easy-to-use system to track usage helps everyone: teachers, tech staff, and administration. From …

SF Chronicle Features Envision Schools

Envision Schools is featured in an SF Chronicle article that highlights the teaching of 21st Century Skills using group work, project based learning, and technology. Nothing, though, is as important as the effort and skills of the teachers to set the stage for learning.

Voice mail and email converge

We rolled out a new service at the that enables everyone to receive voice mails in their email. The way it works is the phone system sends an email with an attached .wav file to a users email. No longer do people have to check voice mail or even worse have call in to check …

CAT student blossoms with Speech to Text Software

A student at CAT was having trouble writing. She’d get blocked and was unable to get her thoughts down on the computer. However her verbal skills were very good. The LC team at CAT got a great idea. They got MacSpeech Dictate, with the world-renowned speech recognition engine, Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The teachers say it has …

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