Web+Center manages tech reservations

We use the Reservation+Center at each school to manage all our technology inventory and check-outs. Being Arts & Technology High Schools, we have a lot of computer carts and media equipment that need to be moved around the schools and having an easy-to-use system to track usage helps everyone: teachers, tech staff, and administration.

From a technical standpoint, we run Web+Center 6.0 on a single centralized Windows Server that each school can access. Each site has its own instance of the Reservation+Center running on a separate IP. We’ve customized the photos of the inventory for each school as well as the front page look. Tech staff likes the fact that teachers can self-register and manage their own scheduling of equipment. This allows time for the tech staff to concentrate on technical issues and not scheduling logistics.

Check it out at: http://bit.ly/9quoS1

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