CAT student blossoms with Speech to Text Software

A student at CAT was having trouble writing. She’d get blocked and was unable to get her thoughts down on the computer. However her verbal skills were very good. The LC team at CAT got a great idea. They got MacSpeech Dictate, with the world-renowned speech recognition engine, Dragon NaturallySpeaking. The teachers say it has changed her life.

I came and observed her using it. She was writing a complex paper on drug approvals and cranked out a couple of paragraphs. She controls the included headset with a remote and can even say “scratch that” for the software to delete the last spoken phrase or “scratch word” to remove the last word.

She said she was easily able to train the software to recognize her voice inflections. She is looking forward to continue using it to get her thoughts on paper.

We are getting the software for the Learning Centers at each school and hope to see the same results.

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