CAT Teachers Using iMovie to the Max

Amy Wong’s and Stanley Richards’ Lower Division Science classes are using iMovie to make public service announcements (30 to 60 second movies) as part of a big project that will culminate as part of an exhibition at CAT on March 20th. Along with the movies the student groups are writing up answers to in-depth questions about the environment and writing letters to government officials.

The quality of the movies really excites me – and they aren’t using only high-end computers, they’re using older iBooks and making the best of them. The movies include motion clips and stills put together to send a strong message about the environment.

Several groups are pushing the movie-making further. They are creating their movies using a green screen. Then they’re importing their iMovie into the latest version, iMovie09, to create a custom background. This should help make the movie quite compelling.

I’m looking forward to seeing the final products that will be displayed at CAT’s Exhibition titled “Green Architecture: Why does it Pay to be Green” on March 20 at 6:30.

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