CETPA Certified CTO

Yesterday I received my Chief Technical Officer certification. This event at the annual CETPA conference held this year in Monterey, CA was the culmination a  program in which I participated in monthly sessions with 20 other technology leaders across California.

John Krull receives his certification.

The 2010 Chief Technology Officer (CTO) Mentor Program focused on leadership skills required for Chief Technology Officers (CTO’s) working in California K-12 public education. The California Educational Technology Professionals Association (CETPA) offers the program in collaboration with state agencies including the California Department of Education (CDE).

The focus of the nine-month program is not on technology skills, but rather on leadership skills that will enable CTO’s to effectively lead in their school district, County Office of Education (COE), or charter school organization. The vision of the program is to prepare strategic leaders to inform, support, and drive efforts to improve teaching, learning, and educational administration through knowledge management and the cost-effective application of current and emerging technology.

Those interested in the program can go to the CETPA site for more information. A new cohort starts in January.

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