Comcast Bringing High Speed Internet to Schools for a Bargain

I helped bring high speed Internet over fiber to a small group of charter schools and a large district. In both cases we got a fat pipe for a slim cost. Even when the incumbent had a footprint in the sites they could not match Comcast’s price. Comcast also allows over subscription where the sites’ bandwidth to the core can exceed the egress to the Internet. Again, this beats the competition. The Comcast metropolitan Ethernet is also delivered as a flat network simplifying the overall architecture and allows for less expensive vlans and switches to segment the network.

I’ve been impressed with Comcast’s project management and how it has improved over the years. Although they subcontract the installations, I’ve been nothing but pleased with the work. The vendors are fast and clean.

To top it all off, Comcast is very professional in handling e-rate and CTF and handling the credits to make our net cost 25% of the contract.


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