The New Normal: Doing More with Less – Arne Duncan

Yesterday, Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, delivered a speech that basically told states and districts that we have to get used to the current financial climate. Importantly he noted that we should use this as an opportunity not an excuse. It is an opportunity to make meaningful changes not knee-jerk cuts.

On the technology front, he talked about the opportunity for technology to make a difference. He noted that tech should not be an ‘add-on’ or just replicate current practices with technology. We need to find smart uses of technology. Mr. Duncan says, “We need to change the underlying processes to leverage the capabilities of technology.”

He continues, “Better use of online learning, virtual schools, and other smart uses of technology is not so much about replacing educational roles as it is about giving each person the tools they need to be more successful–reducing wasted time, energy, and money.”

Read his speech at

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