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Tech Reformers: K-12 Digital Transformation

I founded Tech Reformers, LLC a year ago to work as a technology consultant for K-12 school districts. The consulting work has been focused on examining District’s IT and EdTech infrastructure and operations. These school districts, like many organizations worldwide, are undergoing a Digital Transformation in an effort to better achieve their goals. Leading school districts want to rethink how they leverage digital to accelerate their Digital Transformation to achieve greater student achievement, equitable outcomes, and efficient operations.

As the 2019-2020 school year progressed into 2020, the need for accelerated change was obvious. School buildings closed so Districts that dabbled in online and remote learning were forced to go big with Digital Transformation. Learning and working from home became the norm. New cybersecurity challenges surfaced. The need for cloud migration, automated processes, and integrated data systems became even more of a necessity. Digital communication and collaboration needed to reach all stakeholders and was no longer just for some.

The districts I engage pivoted and made substantial changes to have a successful year despite challenges. Yet, Digital Transformation is a journey so there’s a lot of work to do.

As we move into a new fiscal year, Tech Reformers has emerged as a leading K-12 technology consultancy focused on Digital Transformation. Areas of practice include IT & EdTech Consulting, Cybersecurity, Campus Security, Cloud, Automation, and Communication & Collaboration. Tech Reformers has now has partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Security Studio, Securly, SysCloud, KnowBe4, the Cybersecurity Collaborative, Verkada, Insight Advance and others to guide public school systems on their Digital Transformation journey.

Two new partners have joined Tech Reformers, Patrick Simon and Gil Echeverria. They each bring K-12 Leadership experience with deep expertise in cyber and campus security and process improvement, respectively. They join associates that bring expertise in Microsoft & AWS cloud solutions, systems & networking, and EdTech platforms.

I hope your District is embarking on a Digital Transformation journey. Tech Reformers is here to help and bring an outside perspective that even the most advanced schools systems can use. You can start with our IT & EdTech Consulting and get an assessment of your Information Technology and Education Technology systems and process with specific recommendations for a path forward. Or, start with a free self assessment to analyze your security readiness for expanded Digital Transformation.

If you need more information about our services or partners, do not hesitate to contact me at Follow my blog. Connect with me on twitter. And keep an eye on our website as we add more services.

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