New Tech Napa visit

Today I visited New Tech High School in Napa. A lot has been said about New Tech, but I wanted to add my impressions. First the $14M renovation of the building to create an environment conducive to Project Based Learning seems to provide just that! The double sized classrooms with a wall of glass open …

Google Apps adds ten times more applications

Google has added a lot of its other apps to the Google Apps stable, beyond what they call the core suite of Gmail, Google docs, calendar,  sites, groups and video. Most of Google’s offerings are now available under Google Apps accounts. I’m most excited about Blogger, Maps, Picasa, Voice, and YouTube.

The New Normal: Doing More with Less – Arne Duncan

Yesterday, Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, delivered a speech that basically told states and districts that we have to get used to the current financial climate. Importantly he noted that we should use this as an opportunity not an excuse. It is an opportunity to make meaningful changes not knee-jerk cuts. On the technology front, …

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