Google Apps adds ten times more applications

Google has added a lot of its other apps to the Google Apps stable, beyond what they call the core suite of Gmail, Google docs, calendar,  sites, groups and video. Most of Google’s offerings are now available under Google Apps accounts. I’m most excited about Blogger, Maps, Picasa, Voice, and YouTube.

The New Normal: Doing More with Less – Arne Duncan

Yesterday, Secretary of Education, Arne Duncan, delivered a speech that basically told states and districts that we have to get used to the current financial climate. Importantly he noted that we should use this as an opportunity not an excuse. It is an opportunity to make meaningful changes not knee-jerk cuts. On the technology front, …

Web 2.0 Tools Made Easy

It’s hard to keep track of all the Web 2.0 tool appropriate for Education. But this tool that organizes according to Bloom’s Taxonomy does a nice job of showing a select set of tools that can be used at certain levels of thinking. A more exhaustive list of Web 2.0 tools can be found …

The Center for College and Career Success launches

The Center for College and Career Success launches to share our work with 21st Century Skills & Deeper Learning. I’m excited about how e will scale our tools, processes, and best practices for ensuring college success at a large scale. See

Teachers and Students May Not Mix Well on Facebook

There’s a lot of possibilities of using face book in Education. Even though there’s about 500M users and it’s been around for years, we’ve yet to get good policies in place to handle both on and off-site usage of Facebook by students and teachers. Simply blocking Facebook at the schools does not suffice. This MSNBC …

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