Give Prezi a Try…

I’m going to do my next preso with Prezi.   TechCrunch says, “Coolest online presentation tool I have ever seen”

Got an iPad

Got up at the crack of dawn to get the iPad on the first day. I’m excited about the potential.

Web+Center manages tech reservations

We use the Reservation+Center at each school to manage all our technology inventory and check-outs. Being Arts & Technology High Schools, we have a lot of computer carts and media equipment that need to be moved around the schools and having an easy-to-use system to track usage helps everyone: teachers, tech staff, and administration. From …

SF Chronicle Features Envision Schools

Envision Schools is featured in an SF Chronicle article that highlights the teaching of 21st Century Skills using group work, project based learning, and technology. Nothing, though, is as important as the effort and skills of the teachers to set the stage for learning.

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